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mom babyMothers deserve to have a trusted partner to help them with all of their needs for a Breast Pump. APS MOMS know they can trust the team at APS Pharmacy to help them with all of their breastfeeding needs, from Breast Pumps to other Breast Feeding Supplies.

Not every breast pump is right for every nursing mother. Our team can provide guidance on choosing a breast pump that meets your breastfeeding needs, as well as breastfeeding accessories and other mommy and baby items, including Breast Pumps.

medelaFrequently asked questions

Is there a co-insurance for breast pumps? In most cases, breast pumps are covered at 100% without being applied to your deductibles or have any kind of co-insurance, but this will vary by plan. We will verify your insurance coverage and get a quote from your provider prior to shipping.

What are the coverage definitions/restrictions as to when I can order a breast pump? Why is APS not allowing me to get my breast pump before my baby is born? Your insurance provider determines when we may be able to ship a breast pump.

What kind of data and information is required to handle a breast pump order? We require all your demographics, physician information (Your physician will be contacted to provide documentation related to your pregnancy) as well as the baby’s date of birth or due date.

Do I need a prescription? Most insurance providers now require a physician’s order. Your physician will be contacted by us to provide documentation related to your pregnancy.

What if verification with my insurance company denies coverage? Under the health reform law, pregnant and postpartum women will have access to comprehensive lactation support and counseling as well as breast-feeding equipment, in conjunction with each birth, without cost-sharing (copayment, coinsurance or deductible). Breast-feeding services and equipment are covered without cost-sharing when received by a network provider, during pregnancy and/or in the postpartum period, starting on the plan’s first renewal date on or after Aug. 1, 2012. There are reasons that your insurance company may deny a purchase of a pump through APS including:    · Plan has not yet renewed    · Some self-funded plans have opted out of the health reform    · Plan only covers rentals    · Plan covers only hospital grade or manual pumps If you are denied coverage, you should refer to your policy to see if breast pumps are specifically cited in the language of your provider’s Medical Devices.

How long will it take for my breast pump to arrive if delivered Delivered)? If you have already had your baby or you are due within the next 30 days total processing and delivery time will be approximately 7-10 work days.

What breast pumps do we offer? We have Medela and Ameda pumps available. Many plans will cover the rental of a Hospital Grade breast pump however as well. APS carries Medela Hospital Grade breast pumps.

Where can I get more information about products? You may visit the manufacturer web sites for Medela (www.medelabreastfeedingus.com) or Ameda (www.ameda.com ).Please keep in mind that the retail versions of the breast pumps we offer may vary slightly in terms of parts that are included, but all of our breast pumps arrive with what’s needed to start pumping right away.

Can I order a breast pump and have my secondary insurance plan billed? Only if the Primary insurance provider does not offer any coverage for breast pumps. We would need to get a refusal of coverage from the primary before we can supply under the secondary.

Does APS carry any models with a battery pack? And/or do we carry accessories? The Ameda Purely Yours model has a battery compartment, but does not come with the AA batteries needed to operate the pump. Some of the other breast pumps can be used with a battery pack or car charger.  APS offers these items for sale and any accessories separately.

Is a battery pack and/or other accessories covered? Generally not, but you would need to check directly with your insurance provider both for coverage and where to obtain accessories.

Does APS “rent” breast pumps? YES

Does APS provide the hospital grade/style breast pump? YES

Are the breast pumps returnable? Breast pumps are a personal hygiene product and, therefore, are non-returnable.

My breast pump is not working properly, I’m not getting enough milk production, where do I send it back/ how do I get it replaced? Electric breast pumps from our suppliers have a one year manufacturer’s warranty. The manufacturers support the warranty and will troubleshoot the problem. Please have the pump’s serial number and model number available and then contact the manufacturer directly:

Can I pay to have my breast pump order expedited? YES

Do the breast pumps have BPA-free attachments? All of the breast pumps offered by APS have breast shields and collection containers/bottles that are a durable BPA-free plastic.

And what sort of proof do you need that the baby was born (is there a form)? APS does not need proof, but your insurance provider may ask when they are processing the claim.

My insurance covers up to a certain dollar amount but I’d like to pay the remaining balance to help me make my choice. Where can I find pricing of the products on your order form? Can I pay to upgrade my choice of breast pump? The breast pumps we offer are the ones that APS has contracted with your insurance provider to meet the guidelines under your insurance plan and are models that allow you to maximize your insurance coverage. If your specific plan has any co-insurance, we would contact you prior to shipping to quote a co-insurance. Our quote is not a guarantee of coverage but an estimate.